Advancing stages of group development: the case of a virtual nursing community of practice groups

Timothy B. Kelly, Andrew Lowndes, Debbie Tolson

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    A qualitative study was undertaken on the stages of group development in an on-line group. The group was a nursing 'community of practice' taking part in the Gerontological Nursing Demonstration Project. Together the nurses worked to develop and implement best practice across Scotland. Through content analysis of 27 on-line group sessions, the authors identify the group tasks, the character of the group system and member behaviour, the skills of the groupworker, the dynamics of mutual aid occurring in the session and the stages of group development. Findings challenge the dominant paradigm of group development represented by Tucker and Garland, Jones and Kolodny. The group did become more productive and mature, but did not experience a power and control/storming stage of development. Adapted from the source document.
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    Publication statusPublished - 2005

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