After the Revolution, Who Will Clean Up the Mess?

Research output: Other contribution


Exhibition details: 1 August - 18 October 2014, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh

After the Revolution, Who Will Clean Up the Mess? is one of a series of installations / events made in direct response to the changing British culture Harrison has grown up in and its sometimes illogical and absurd political and economic systems, including: General Election Drinking Game (2010), A Brief History of Privatisation (2011) and This Is What Democracracy Looks Like! (2015). After the Revolution… aimed to capture the sense of anticipation and uncertainty in the run-up to the Referendum on Scottish Independence on 18 September 2014. An installation / event whose form was completely contingent on the result of the vote, it featured a row of four large confetti cannons, which would only be denotated in the event of a YES vote.

After the Revolution, Who Will Clean Up the Mess? was co-commissioned by Edinburgh Art Festival and Talbot Rice Gallery as part of the 2014 Generation programme, surveying 25 years of Contemporary Art in Scotland. It featured in the group exhibition Counterpoint at Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh. Capturing the zeitgeist of the nation, it was featured in international press including: The Times, The Herald, The List, The Scotsman, Le Monde, The Spectator, Central Station, AN website, and on The Guardian Referendum Blog and the Channel 4 website.
Original languageEnglish
Type1 installation / 2 events
Media of outputApprox: 500 x 200 x 100 cm
PublisherTalbot Rice Gallery
Place of PublicationEdinburgh
Publication statusPublished - 2014


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