An empirical analysis of stock market performance and economic growth: Evidence from India

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    This study aims to investigate whether the stock market performance leads to economic growth or vice versa; study also examines short-run and long-run dynamics of the stock market. We use of monthly Index of Industrial Production (IIP) and quarterly Gross Domestic Production (GDP) data for the time span of April, 1996 to March, 2009. This provides rich data for the empirical analysis. We undertake; Unit root (ADF, PP and KPSS) tests, Granger Causality test, Engle-Granger Cointegration test and Error Correction Model. The monthly results of Granger causality test suggest that there is a bidirectional relationship between IIP and Stock prices (BSE and NSE) and quarterly results reveal that there is no relationship between GDP and BSE but in the case of NSE and GDP there is a unidirectional relationship and that runs from GDP to NSE. The Engle-Granger residual based cointegration test suggests that there is a long-run relationship between the stock market performance and economic growth. Similarly, the results of error correction model reveal that when the long-run equilibrium deviates then the economic growth adjusts to restore equilibrium by rectifying the disequilibrium. This study provides evidence in favor of 'demand following' hypothesis in the short-run. Main contribution of the study is in identifying the role of economic growth in stock market development.

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    • Causality test
    • Economic growth
    • Short-run and long-run dynamics
    • Stock market performance

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