Breakage and critical state via DEM

Matteo Ciantia, C. O’Sullivan, Marcos Arroyo, Antonio Gens

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: Discrete-element simulations are used to explore the relation between breakage-induced grading
evolution and the critical state line position on the compression plane. An efficient model of particle breakage is
applied to perform a large number of tests, in which grading evolution is continuously tracked using a grading
index. Using both previous and new experimental results, the discrete element model is calibrated and validated
to represent Fontainebleau sand. The results obtained show that, when breakage is present, the inclusion of a
grading index in the description of critical states is advantageous. This can be simply done using the critical state
plane concept.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of the XVII ECSMGE-2019
Subtitle of host publicationGeotechnical Engineering foundation of the future
PublisherInternational Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
Number of pages8
ISBN (Print)978-9935-9436-1-3
Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • : Discrete-element modelling
  • particle crushing/crushability
  • sands
  • shear strength
  • stress path


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