CampUS: Among+ For+ With Students & Citizens

Andrew Milligan, Petra Bole, David Collins, Davide Fassi, Miaosen Gong, Bernhard Schmid-Wohlleber, Nansi Van Getsom, Isabella Vegni

    Research output: Book/ReportAnthology


    'CampUS: Among + For + With Students & Citizens' is the published account of the international workshop hosted by Politecnico di Milano as part of the intercultural art and design higher education network GIDE. This publication explores the academy and its interrelationship with the city. But a city is shaped by the everyday life of its people. We live in it, love, eat, study, work, have free time, run, buy, meet each other. Lots of “little acts” happen in places that are part of our life, some rituals repeat in the same places and we grow close to them. The city is the social setting of our daily experiences, gestures and our stories. Therefore designing a meaningful place means design a narrative environment that will tell users and transients a story.University campuses are some of these places. Every day, thousands of students and teachers move towards the university crossing from the city to the academy. In this journey we encounter emotions, personality and different cultures; what is local is global. In the neighbourhoods where the campuses are located the communities opens to them, hosts and meets them, growing with them.' CampUS' reflects this social and spatial interconnection among the campus and the university area, the students and the citizens. 'CampUS' as a place for students and citizens; 'CampUS' as a collector of skills, competences, creativity to be used in the townThis publication describes the outcomes from a large international workshop, linked both the city in which the university is based,but also linked to the events in the Milano 2015 World Expo. During the workshop, twelve teams developed responses to twelve urban narratives and twelve .moments' of a regular day of a student in Milan. Each moment is connected to 12 significant places in Milan: these places and these moments will be the projects’ inspiration: a happy hour at “Camparino” or a running session in the Parco Sempione or a lecture in Triennale and many more.An outcome of the workshop led to the creation of twelve temporary micor-settings about these stories.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationMilan
    PublisherGIDE Group for International Design Education
    Commissioning bodyGroup for International Design Education
    Number of pages29
    Publication statusPublished - 10 Mar 2017


    • internationalization of higher education
    • Intercultural communication
    • Collaboration
    • Design thinking


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