Can we predict the magnetic properties of PMS stars from their H-R diagram location?

S. G. Gregory, J. -F. Donati, J. Morin, G. A. J. Hussain, N. J. Mayne, L. A. Hillenbrand, M. Jardine

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution


Spectropolarimetric observations combined with tomographic imaging techniques have revealed that all pre-main sequence (PMS) stars host multipolar magnetic fields, ranging from strong and globally axisymmetric with >~kilo-Gauss dipole components, to complex and non-axisymmetric with weak dipole components (<~0.1 kG). Many host dominantly octupolar large-scale fields. We argue that the large-scale magnetic properties of a PMS star are related to its location in the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram. This conference paper is a synopsis of Gregory et al. (2012), updated to include the latest results from magnetic mapping studies of PMS stars....
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of the International Astronomical Union
Subtitle of host publicationMagnetic Fields throughout Stellar Evolution
EditorsPascal Petit, Moira Jardine, Hendrik Spruit
PublisherCambridge University Press
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2014

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