Case series: The McGrath®Videolarngyoscope - an initial clinical evaluation

Ben Shippey (Lead / Corresponding author), David Ray, Dermot McKeown

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    PURPOSE: To document tracheal intubation success rates and airway instrumentation times using the newly designed McGrath videolaryngoscope.

    METHODS: We prospectively recorded factors associated with difficult tracheal intubation, factors causing actual difficulty in tracheal intubation, as well as complications arising from use of the new McGrath videolaryngoscope in a series of adult patients with normal preoperative airway examinations. All patients were undergoing scheduled or elective surgery. In the first 75 patients (phase I), experience with airway instrumentation was documented, while in the second 75 patients (phase II), the time required to obtain an optimal view of the larynx was recorded, as well as the time to complete tracheal intubation.

    RESULTS: Ninety-eight percent of all tracheal intubations were successful using the McGrath videolaryngoscope. Cormack and Lehane grade I views were obtained in 143 patients (95%) and grade II views were achieved in six (4%). In phase II, the median time required to obtain an adequate view was 6.3 sec [interquartile range 4.7-8.7 (range 2-26.3)], and to complete tracheal intubation was 24.7 sec [18.5-34.4 (11.4-286)]. Fortynine (65%) of the tracheal intubations were completed within 30 sec, and 72 (96%) were completed within one minute. No complications were encountered in any patient.

    CONCLUSIONS: The McGrath videolaryngoscope is an effective aid to airway management in patients with normal airways, based upon intubation success rates and the ability to rapidly secure the airway. Its potential advantages of convenience and portability warrant further evaluation in comparison with other airway devices and in patients with difficult airways.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)307-313
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    Issue number4
    Publication statusPublished - Apr 2007


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