Citizen Science Projects (MOOC) 2.7: Data collection in your life

Mel Woods (Creator), Saskia Coulson (Creator), Raquel Ajates (Creator), Angelos Amditis (Creator), Andy Cobley (Creator), Dahlia Domian (Creator), Gerid Hager (Creator), Michele Ferri (Creator), Dilek Fraisl (Creator), Steffen Fritz (Creator), Margaret Gold (Creator), Nikoletta Karitsioti (Creator), Joan Masó (Creator), Ian McCallum (Creator), Giovanni Tomei (Creator), Martina Monego (Creator), Inian Moorthy (Creator), Ester Prat (Creator), Athanasia Tsertou (Creator), Valantis Tsiakos (Creator)Linda See, Laura Underwood, Uta Wehn

Research output: Other contribution

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Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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