Correlation between reversal of DNA methylation and clinical symptoms in psoriatic epidermis following narrow-band UVB phototherapy

Xiaolian Gu (Lead / Corresponding author), Elisabet Nylander, Philip J. Coates, Robin Fahraeus, Karin Nylander

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    Epigenetic modifications by DNA methylation are associated with a wide range of diseases. Previous studies in psoriasis have concentrated on epigenetic changes in immune cells or in total skin biopsies that include stromal-associated changes. In order to improve our understanding of the role of DNA methylation in psoriasis, we sought to obtain a comprehensive DNA methylation signature specific for the epidermal component of psoriasis and to analyze methylation changes during therapy. Genome-wide DNA methylation profiling of epidermal cells from 12 patients undergoing narrow-band UVB phototherapy and 12 corresponding healthy controls revealed a distinct DNA methylation pattern in psoriasis compared to controls. A total of 3665 methylation variable positions (MVPs) were identified with an overall hypomethylation in psoriasis patient samples. DNA methylation pattern was reversed at the end of phototherapy in patients showing excellent clinical improvement. Only 7% of phototherapy affected MVPs (150 out of 2108) correlates with nearby gene expression. Enrichment of MVPs in enhancers indicates tissue-specific modulation of the transcriptional regulatory machinery in psoriasis. Our study identified key epigenetic events associated with psoriasis pathogenesis and helps to understand the dynamic DNA methylation landscape in the human genome.Journal of Investigative Dermatology accepted article preview online, 01 April 2015. doi:10.1038/jid.2015.128.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)2077-2083
    Number of pages7
    JournalJournal of Investigative Dermatology
    Issue number8
    Early online date30 Apr 2015
    Publication statusPublished - Aug 2015


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