Corrigendum: A novel multiple-stage antimalarial agent that inhibits protein synthesis

Beatriz Baragaña, Irene Hallyburton, Marcus C. S. Lee, Neil R. Norcross, Raffaella Grimaldi, Thomas D. Otto, William R. Proto, Andrew M. Blagborough, Stephan Meister, Grennady Wirjanata, Andrea Ruecker, Leanna M. Upton, Tara S. Abraham, Mariana J. Almeida, Anupam Pradhan, Achim Porzelle, Maria Santos Martinez, Judith M. Bolscher, Andrew Woodland, Torsten LukschSuzanne Norval, Fabio Zuccotto, John Thomas, Frederick Simeons, Laste Stojanovski, Maria Osuna-Cabello, Paddy M. Brock, Tom S. Churcher, Katarzyna A. Sala, Sara E. Zakutansky, María Belén Jiménez-Díaz, Laura Maria Sanz, Jennifer Riley, Rajshekhar Basak, Michael Campbell, Vicky M. Avery, Robert W. Sauerwein, Koen J. Dechering, Rintis Noviyanti, Brice Campo, Julie A. Frearson, Inigo Angulo-Barturen, Santiago Ferrer-Bazaga, Francisco Javier Gamo, Paul G. Wyatt, Didier Leroy, Peter Siegl, Michael J. Delves, Dennis E. Kyle, Sergio Wittlin, Jutta Marfurt, Ric N. Price, Robert E. Sinden, Elizabeth A. Winzeler, Susan A. Charman, Lidiya Bebrevska, David W. Gray, Simon Campbell, Alan H. Fairlamb, Paul A. Willis, Julian C. Rayner, David A. Fidock, Kevin D. Read, Ian H. Gilbert

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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Nature 522, 315–320 (2015); doi:10.1038/nature14451
In this Article, Torsten Luksch was inadvertently omitted from the author list. He is affiliated with the Drug Discovery Unit, Division of Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery, College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee, Dundee DD1 5EH, UK. His contribution was the analysis of initial screening data alongside author A.W. The online versions of the paper have been corrected.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)122
Number of pages1
Issue number7618
Publication statusPublished - 25 May 2016

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