Development, application and effectiveness of a novel logbook checklist assessment scheme in conservative dentistry

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In response to a lack of staff consistency in assessing clinical work, as identified by a student questionnaire, a checklist scheme of assessment was devised. This consisted of a series of questions covering the key stages of the majority of procedures in conservative dentistry to which a demonstrator indicates whether each aspect has been completed satisfactorily or not (yesho) giving written comment to enhance the level of immediate feedback. Some 12 months following the introduction of the new logbook, a questionnaire was distributed to all 42 students who had experienced both this system and a previous ABC grading scale for completed work. This consisted of a series of 14 statements and sought to compare, for both systems, the clarity of assessment criteria, the relative level of staff consistency in applying these, effectiveness of feedback and overall meaningfulness of the grades awarded. In addition, in relation to self appraisal of performance, both the relevance of this to the practice of dentistry together with the degree the logbook facilitated this were assessed. The questionnaire return rate was 100%. Compared to the former grading system, the new logbook gave a significantly (P<0.001) more meaningful measure of perfomance, indicated better what was being assessed (P<0.001) and gave better feedback of those points requiring attention to improve performance. In addition, the consistency of staff applying the checklist had improved significantly (P<0.05) since the introduction of the logbook. It was thus concluded that the logbook was a Versatile tool in assessment of the clinical skills in conservative dentistry.

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