Dissonance in multi-semiotic landscapes in the work of Donna Leishman

Donna Leishman

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    I come to the field of digital literature from the position of a visual artist. My formative training in illustration grounded an interest in sequential art and literary themes. My work draws on literary subject matters, contains chronological cause and effect, and strongly features protagonists. I am a thematic recycler similar to that described by Wozniak (2008) a re-framer of often folkloric motifs - with an aim to renew, revitalises, or debunk, the pre-existing content. Visualality, the auteur interface, and folk narratives are fundamental features in the communication of my aesthetic. How then these aspects function and their importance in terms creating a meta dissonance will be detailed and discussed in the paper with reference to how such an approach sits within the context of interactive literary art.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalHyperrhiz: New Media Cultures
    Issue numberSummer Special Issue: Visionary Landscapes
    Publication statusPublished - Jun 2009
    EventVisionary Landscapes. Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) Conference 2008 - Washington, D. C., United States
    Duration: 29 May 20081 Jun 2008


    • Digital Aesthetics
    • Immersion
    • Semiotics


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