E-learning in global surgery

Brian H. Cameron (Lead / Corresponding author), Susie Schofield

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E-learning – the use of the Internet and multimedia technology – is completely transforming the learning environment of the twenty-first century. The global penetration of computers, smart phones, and access to the Internet is reaching even the remotest parts of the least developed countries. As learner-educators, global surgeons can take advantage of new technologies by accessing existing online learning resources or developing their own. E-learning tools have unique advantages in distance learning, such as allowing learners to be engaged synchronously with an online lecture, or review and respond through an asynchronous discussion board. This chapter discusses e-learning instructional design and describes successful projects, evaluation approaches, and future directions for e-learning in global surgery. Formal online courses, webinars, and remote telementoring all provide examples of surgical leadership and north-south partnerships in surgical education. Evaluation of surgical e-learning partnership initiatives will provide opportunities for bilateral mutual learning and “reverse innovation.” Globally minded surgeons are on the cutting edge using innovation and new technology to teach their craft.
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Title of host publicationGlobal Surgery
Subtitle of host publicationThe Essentials
EditorsAdrian Park, Raymond Price
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Publication statusPublished - 2017


  • academic global surgery
  • low resource settings
  • socioeconomic surgical care
  • sustainable surgical training
  • clinical essentials

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