Effect of Direct Recycling Hot Press Forging Parameters on Mechanical Properties and Surface Integrity of AA7075 Aluminum Alloys

Nasha Emieza Ruhaizat, Nur Kamilah Yusuf (Lead / Corresponding author), Mohd Amri Lajis, Sami Al-Alimi, Shazarel Shamsudin, Ikhwan Shah Tisadi Tukiat, Wenbin Zhou

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The current practice in aluminum recycling plants is to change the waste into molten metal through the conventional recycling (CR) manufacturing process. However, the CR technique is so energy-intensive that it also poses an indirect threat to the environment. This paper presents a study on meltless direct recycling hot press forging (DR-HPF) as an alternative sustainable approach that has fewer steps with low energy consumption, as well as preventing the generation of new waste. A laboratory experiment was conducted to study the mechanical properties and surface integrity of AA7075 aluminum alloy by employing a hot press forging (HPF) process under different temperatures (380, 430, and 480 °C) and holding times (0, 60, and 120 min). It was found that as the parameter increased, there was a positive increase in ultimate tensile strength (UTS), elongation to failure (ETF), density, and microhardness. The recycled chips exhibit the best mechanical properties at the highest parameters (480 °C and 120 min), whereas the UTS = 245.62 MPa and ETF = 6.91%, while surface integrity shows that the calculated microhardness and density are 69.02 HV and 2.795 g/cm3, respectively. The UTS result shows that the highest parameters of 480 °C and 120 min are comparable with the Aerospace Specification Metals (ASM) Aluminum AA7075-O standard. This study is a guide for machinists and the manufacturing industry to increase industry sustainability, to preserve the earth for future generations.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1555
Number of pages15
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 20 Sept 2022


  • AA7075 aluminum alloy
  • direct recycling
  • hot press forging (HPF)
  • mechanical properties
  • solid-state recycling (SSR)
  • surface integrity

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