Former glacial lakes in the Dee valley: origin, drainage and significance

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    Detailed geomorphological and sedimentological evidence is presented for a series of ice-marginal lakes in tributary valleys of lower Deeside. They developed during ice-sheet deglaciation due to damming by glacier ice which remained in the main valley. Drainage of these lakes occurred by both marginal and subglacial routes; in the latter case, the sudden outburst may be responsible for anomalously coarse flood deposits found downstream. It is argued that glacial lakes were a much more common feature of the deglacial landscape than recent reviews have suggested and their presence at the ice margin may have glaciological implications, as inferred by the often distinctive landform-sediment assemblages involved. -Author

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    JournalScottish Journal of Geology
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    Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 1994

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