Gateways to Bletchley

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    Bletchley Park is a former country estate, with a large house in an undistinguished late Victorian style. During its time as the Headquarters of UK cryptanalysis efforts in WW2, its grounds began to fill with huts, followed by massive information processing blocks. In the postwar era, elements of the intelligence services remained until much of it became a telecommunications training school.
    It can be seen as an underacknowledged cauldron of information processing experimentation, a cinematic cypher, and a prism through which we can view British senses of wartime, class, transatlantic power, stunted modernity, the military roots of the information age, and relations to ruin and redevelopment.
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    • 'Bletchely Park'
    • cryptography
    • future war monuments
    • cyber warfare
    • Colossus
    • Enigma
    • history of technology
    • 'photo essay'
    • 'film studies'

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