High-resolution microscopy-coil MR imaging of skin tumors: techniques and novel clinical applications

Matthew J. Budak (Lead / Corresponding author), Jonathan R. Weir-McCall, Phey M. Yeap, Richard D. White, Shelley A. Waugh, Thiru A. P. Sudarshan, Ian A. Zealley

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    High-resolution magnetic resonance (MR) imaging performed with a microscopy coil is a robust radiologic tool for the evaluation of skin lesions. Microscopy-coil MR imaging uses a small surface coil and a 1.5-T or higher MR imaging system. Simple T1- and T2-weighted imaging protocols can be implemented to yield high-quality, high-spatial-resolution images that provide an excellent depiction of dermal anatomy. The primary application of microscopy-coil MR imaging is to delineate the deep margins of skin tumors, there- by providing a preoperative road map for dermatologic surgeons. This information is particularly useful for surgeons who perform Mohs micrographic surgery and in cases of nasofacial neoplasms, where the underlying anatomy is complex. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common nonmelanocytic skin tumor and has a predilection to manifest on the face, where it can be challenging to achieve complete surgical excision while preserving the cosmetic dignity of the patient. Microscopy-coil MR imaging provides dermatologic surgeons with valuable preoperative anatomic information that is not available at conventional clinical examination. Online supplemental material is available for this article.

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    Publication statusPublished - Jul 2015

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