History of the medical curriculum

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In this chapter I follow the fascinating course of medical education through the ages, starting with our first written record, the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine. The journey proceeds through the centuries to the current time, drawing parallels between curricula then and now. I draw on the contributions of Galen, Hunayn ibn Ishaq, Trotula de Ruggiero, Culpepper, the Hunter brothers, Flexner and Osler to name but a few, and there will be many I have not mentioned due to only having one chapter. However I have picked out what I feel to be key figures and key dates, not least the influence of inventions such as paper, the printing press and the World Wide Web, which have directed not only the content but also the process by which we deliver curricula. I finish with the challenge I know will be taken up by subsequent authors: how do we provide our students with the tools of their future trade when we don't know what their trade will look like ten years hence.

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