Imidazopyridine Derivatives as Modulators of TNF Activity

Jonathan Mark Bentley (Inventor), Daniel Christopher Brookings (Inventor), Julien Alistair Brown (Inventor), Thomas Paul Cain (Inventor), Praful Tulshi Chovatia (Inventor), Anne Marie Foley (Inventor), Ellen Olivia Gallimore (Inventor), Laura Jane Gleave (Inventor), Alexander Heifetz (Inventor), Helen Tracey Horsley (Inventor), Martin Clive Hutchings (Inventor), Victoria Elizabeth Jackson (Inventor), James Andrew Johnson (Inventor), Craig Johnstone (Inventor), Boris Kroeplien (Inventor), Fabien Claude Comte (Inventor), Deborah Leigh (Inventor), Martin Alexander Lowe (Inventor), James Madden (Inventor), John Robert Porter (Inventor)Joanna Rachel Quincey (Inventor), Laura Claire Reed (Inventor), James Thomas Reuberson (Inventor), Anthony Richardson (Inventor), Sarah Emily Richardson (Inventor), Matthew Duncan Selby (Inventor), Michael Alan Shaw (Inventor), Zhaoning Zhu (Inventor)

Research output: Patent

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A series of imidazo[l,2-a]pyridine derivatives of formula (I), being potent modulators of human TNFa activity, are accordingly of benefit in the treatment and/or prevention of various human ailments, including autoimmune and inflammatory disorders; neurological and neurodegenerative disorders; pain and nociceptive disorders; cardiovascular disorders; metabolic disorders; ocular disorders; and oncological disorders.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO/2014/009295
IPCC07D 471/04 2006.1,C07D 471/04 2006.1,A61K 31/437 2006.1,A61P 29/00 2006.1
Priority date13/07/12
Filing date5/07/13
Publication statusPublished - 16 Jan 2014


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