International environmental law and the United Kingdom

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    Some environmental issues are purely national in scope. Many others, however, have an international dimension. Thus, to the extent that law has a role to play in dealing with environmental issues, international law as well as national law is required. The aim of this paper to look at the development and implementation of a number of selected areas of international environmental law in relation to the United Kingdom (UK). The UK's international legal obligations are an important factor, although only one of several factors, in shaping the domestic environmnetal policy and legislation of the UK. At the same time domestic policy considerations also affect the degree to which the UK is prepared to assume international legal obligations - and, as we shall see, the assumption of such obligations is almost entirely voluntary. The paper thus has a double focus - looking both at the contribution the UK has made and is making to the development of international environmental law and at the impact of international environmental law on domestic environmental policy and law in the UK
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationLaw, policy and the environment
    EditorsRobin Churchill, John Gibson, Lynda M. Warren
    PublisherBasil Blackwell
    ISBN (Print)0631181660
    Publication statusPublished - 1991


    • International environmental law
    • Environmental policy
    • Great Britain


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