Kadindan Ressam Olmaz: Cagdas Sanatta Toplumsal Cinsiyet Degerler ve Cam Tavanlar

Translated title of the contribution: Women Can't Paint: Gender, the Glass Ceiling and Values in Contemporary Art

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The value of their works increases when men sign their works, and decreases when women sign them. In this groundbreaking study of gender and value, Helen Gørrill argues that such inequality is extremely common in the art world. Using a new statistical method, Gørrill has created a database showing that there is little aesthetic difference between paintings of men and women, but that men's work is valued 80 percent more than women's. The author proves that museums are complicit in this vicious circle by buying works from women artists in an exemplary manner and lowering their market value. This provocative book is for students, educators, essential to researchers and artists themselves, it challenges the methods that have hitherto defined women's roles in the art world.It is also a valuable resource, providing striking evidence that being a woman influences every aspect of social, symbolic, cultural or economic, artistic exchange.

Written with infection, A Woman is Not a Painter is a slap in the face of all academics, artists, curators, collectors and institutions who try to hide their chauvinism behind the guise of "quality". Packed with undeniable facts and numbers, the book insists readers examine the ways in which values ​​in the arts are constructed to exclude women, artists of different races, and works that transcend the boundaries of a very narrow, Eurocentric canon. While this controversial work by Gørrill is likely to anger some, it is far more likely to empower many more people to bring about change in the long run.
Marsha Meskimmon, Loughborough University, UK
Translated title of the contributionWomen Can't Paint: Gender, the Glass Ceiling and Values in Contemporary Art
Original languageMultiple languages
PublisherHayalperest Yayinevi
Number of pages276
ISBN (Print)9786059452830
Publication statusPublished - 20 Dec 2021


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