Localization Accuracy of Ultrasound-Actuated Needle with Color Doppler Imaging

Tingyi Jiang (Lead / Corresponding author), Graeme McLeod, Zhihong Huang, Xinle Zhu, Yang Jiao, Xinze Li (Lead / Corresponding author), Zhitian Shen, Yaoyao Cui

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An ultrasonic needle-actuating device for tissue biopsy and regional anaesthesia offers enhanced needle visibility with color Doppler imaging. However, its specific performance is not yet fully determined. This work investigated the influence on needle visibility of the insertion angle and drive voltage, as well as determined the accuracy and agreement of needle tip localization by comparing color Doppler measurements with paired photographic and B-mode ultrasound measurements. Needle tip accuracy measurements in a gelatin phantom gave a regression trend, where the slope of trend is 0.8808; coefficient of determination (R2) is 0.8877; bias is -0.50 mm; and the 95% limits of agreement are from -1.31 to 0.31 mm when comparing color Doppler with photographic measurements. When comparing the color Doppler with B-mode ultrasound measurements, the slope of the regression trend is 1.0179; R2 is 0.9651; bias is -0.16 mm; and the 95% limits of agreement are from -1.935 to 1.605 mm. The results demonstrate the accuracy of this technique and its potential for application to biopsy and ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1020
Number of pages14
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 28 Nov 2020


  • color Doppler
  • needle
  • localization accuracy
  • regional anaesthesia
  • biopsy
  • ultrasound guidance


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