Longitudinal characterisation of haematological and biochemical parameters in cancer patients prior to and during COVID-19 reveals features associated with outcome

R. J. Lee, O. Wysocki, T. Bhogal, R. Shotton, A. Tivey, A Angelakas, T. Aung, K. Banfill, M. Baxter, H. Boyce, G. Brearton, E. Copson, E. Dickens, L. Eastlake, F. Gomes, C. Hague, M. Harrison, L. Horsley, P. Huddar, Z. HudsonS. Khan, U. T. Khan, A. Maynard, H. McKenzie, D. Palmer, T . Robinson, M. Rowe, A. Thomas, J. Tweedy, R. Sheehan, A. Stockdale, J. Weaver, S. Williams, C. Wilson, C. Zhou, C. Dive, T. Cooksley, C. Palmieri, A. Freitas, A. C. Armstrong

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