Making a difference for women, babies and families

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    In this paper, I describe the evolution of my career, set my current work programme into context, and examine the key themes that have influenced my national and international work in research, education, policy and practice development, leadership, management and strategic engagement. The development of the Mother and Infant Research Unit at the University of York is described, and the purpose and shape of its programme is outlined. Core principles influencing the direction of its research include multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral working, collaboration, listening to women and families and the professionals who work with them, focusing on inequalities in health and care, and addressing topics that matter to women and families. Fundamental to my work is the close integration of research, education, practice and policy, and although this can be challenging to achieve, it can enhance education and capacity building, and inform care and policy that can make a real difference for mothers, babies and families.

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    JournalEvidence Based Midwifery
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    Publication statusPublished - 10 Jun 2010


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