Mandibular ramus as a sex predictor in adult Jordanian Subjects

Doha Abualhija (Lead / Corresponding author), Gavin Revie, Scheila Manica

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


Human Identification is an important part of criminal investigation, and a way to express the respect of the legal rights of the dead. It can be performed by comparative analysis or by constructing the biological profile that involves sex estimation. Some metric studies of sexing the mandible explore linear and areal measurements; however, these measurements are not advisable using uncalibrated radiographs and, alternatively, ratios and angular measurements should be tested. The main aim of this study was to explore the sex discrimination of condylar angle, mandibular notch angle and the ratio between mandibular and condylar-coronoid areas by tracing uncalibrated OPGs of 50 Jordanian subjects (aged 21-45 years; 50% each sex). The second aim was to develop a regression model to predict sex using angular and ratio measurements from OPGs. ImageJ(2015) software was used to assess the images and the data was subjected to Binary Logistic Regression analysis using SPSS(22). Results showed that the condylar and mandibular notch angles were statistically significant predictors of sex whilst the areal ratio was not significant. A predictive model was developed combining the two significant predictors which was able to correctly classify 77.6% of our sample. An Excel calculator was derived from this model and validated using novel data. 10 different OPGs were assessed using the calculator and 80% of them were classified correctly. The conclusion is that condylar and mandibular notch angles have potential as sex predictors for adult Jordanian subjects and the analysis of the results can be automated by the sex calculator.
Original languageEnglish
Article number200366
Pages (from-to)1-5
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Forensic Radiology and Imaging
Early online date7 Feb 2020
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2020



  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Human Identification
  • Sex Estimation
  • Sex Calculator
  • Ramus Measurements

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