Mitochondria – expanding the role of the powerhouse

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In this issue of The Biochemist, we are bringing you articles that cover all the things that you didn’t know about mitochondria. We all know the definition of mitochondria as ‘the powerhouse of the cell’. When I first learnt about mitochondria, I was amazed and in awe of learning how chemistry and life connect. I was thrilled to dedicate a whole issue of The Biochemist on the topic of mitochondria and I was amazed again when I read the submissions – the knowledge we have about mitochondria has expanded way beyond that high school definition. Take the article from the Picard Lab, which explores how they are investigating the way in which mitochondria might influence mental and physiological functions: pushing the boundaries of how we understand individual elements within biology and how they can contribute to the system they exist within – beyond a singular function.

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