MOOC II - Sensing the World

Mel Woods (Creator), Raquel Ajates (Creator)

    Research output: Other contribution


    Length: 4 weeks

    Discover the world through citizen science, earth observation and open soil dataDid you know satellites are constantly monitoring soil moisture, even in your garden? Monitoring the moisture in soil can help predict floods, fires and droughts.

    On this course, you will learn about the ESA’s Sentinel-1 Missions, and how citizen scientists collaborating with GROW are helping validate satellite data locally with sensors.

    You’ll discover sensing, and become part of the GROW Citizen Observatory. You will collaborate with other growers and scientists to learn about soil sensors and make sense of soil data to improve your growing practice.

    Course content
    ∗ Earth 
    ∗ Observation
    ∗ Citizen science
    ∗ Climate monitoring and a soil moisture
    ∗ Satellites
    ∗ Soil sensors and DIY sensors
    ∗ Open data and open technology
    ∗ Remote sensing
    ∗ The GROW Observatory
    Original languageEnglish
    TypeMassive Open Online Course
    Media of outputTwo iterations. First: March 2018, Second: March 2019
    PublisherGROW Observatory
    Publication statusPublished - 2018


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