MOOC III - Growing Soil, Growing Food

Mel Woods (Creator), Raquel Ajates (Creator)

Research output: Other contribution


Length: 3 weeks

Use regenerative growing practices in your own garden
Learn about the challenges facing our food and farming systems and solutions to overcome them. Explore key approaches to food growing that can regenerate soils and ecosystems. You’ll discover sustainable practices and will be guided through the steps to design your own growing experiments to assess how effective these are in your own space. This year the course also covers how to move from data to action, and will introduce you to participatory governance. We will offer practical information on how to create positive change in your garden, local area and beyond using citizen-generated data.

Course content
∗ Challenges and opportunities facing global food systems
∗ Citizen Science and Fieldwork
∗ The GROW Observatory
∗ Regenerative practices for food growers - exploring the effectiveness of approaches like mulching, no dig, cover crops, creating wildlife friendly areas and more
∗ Identifying the steps to design your own robust research experiments to investigate the effectiveness of regenerative practices in your growing site
Original languageEnglish
TypeMassive Open Online Course
Media of outputTwo iterations. First: May 2018, Second: May 2019
PublisherGROW Observatory
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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