MOOC IV - From Data to Action

Mel Woods (Creator), Raquel Ajates (Creator)

    Research output: Other contribution


    Length: 3 weeks

    How can citizen science create positive change in the world? Join this online course to discover soil and food growing data and results generated by citizen scientists like you who are collaborating with the GROW Observatory. Become familiar with datasets, learn to identify patterns, errors and insights that can create change from the local to the global.
    You will explore the potential of art to communicate complex scientific data and concepts and become one of the first to experience the work of GROW’s artist in residence.

    Course content
    ∗ Overview of different sources of citizen science generated datasets in the GROW Observatory including soil sensor data.
    ∗ Analysis of results submitted by GROW participants over the growing season to investigate the effectiveness of a polyculture vs monoculture experiment.
    ∗ Identifying trends and patterns in datasets as well as reflecting on the different insights you can gain from individual and collective experiment results.
    ∗ The role and potential of art in communicating complex scientific concepts and data.
    ∗ Creating positive change through citizen science: from the local to the global.
    Original languageEnglish
    TypeMassive Open Online Course
    Media of outputOne iteration: November 2019
    PublisherGROW Observatory
    Publication statusPublished - 2019


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