Onshore archives of tsunami deposits

Sue Dawson, Pedro J. M. Costa, Alastair Dawson, Max Engel

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    The identification of paleotsunamis in the coastal geological record requires modern analogues to allow comparison. Much research has been undertaken recently on modern tsunami sedimentation patterns and processes. We describe here the principal coastal depositional settings in which modern (and older) finer-grained tsunami deposits have been identified. We then describe how this information on contemporary depositional processes has been used to identify ancient tsunami deposits in different stratigraphic contexts. We also highlight the importance of a range of different field methods that have been used to provide detailed information on the nature of tsunamis in (pre-)history.

    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationGeological Records of Tsunamis and Other Extreme Waves
    EditorsMax Engel, Jessica Pilarczyk, Simon Matthias May, Dominik Brill, Ed Garrett
    Number of pages17
    ISBN (Electronic)9780128156872
    ISBN (Print)9780128156865
    Publication statusPublished - 2020


    • Coastal geomorphology
    • Onshore sediment archives
    • Paleotsunamis
    • Sediments
    • Tsunami deposits

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    • General Earth and Planetary Sciences


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