Organizational learning: How learning models can be more effective under the shadow of fiscal crisis

Evangelia Fragouli (Lead / Corresponding author), Ioannis Korres (Lead / Corresponding author)

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    The current financial crisis in Greece has affected its society resulting many negative implications at all levels and sectors. It is obvious that the Greek state hasn’t been prepared to cope effectively with such a situation. The fact that the crisis still is ongoing has as a result, first and foremost, the creation of an unfavorable external economic environment for all the organizations, threatening directly their viability. This study examined the learning process in the Hellenic Army Land Forces and reached the conclusion that a structural transformation and the adoption and a modern concept are required in order the learning process to be facilitated and become more effective and efficient. However, the particularities that the Armed Forces present as organization, call for special studies for the development and implementation of a military learning model. In particular, further specific researches are required focusing on the Hellenic Armed Forces. The study gave the theoretical background and proposed appropriate methods and tools that can potentially be used, to the Greek reality and idiosyncrasies. It also indicated that there are strong evidences that the Hellenic Land Forcers obtain in a high extent the proper infrastructure that could facilitate the restructure and development of a relevant learning model. Nevertheless, the adoption of special management processes are required enabling Army to correspond to its today's learning needs. The need for such a transformation is amplified by the existence of the negative economic financial environment that Armed Forces are enforced to work in.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)27-57
    Number of pages31
    JournalBusiness and Management Review
    Issue number2
    Publication statusPublished - Dec 2017
    Event3rd International Conference on Institutional Leadership, Learning and Teaching (ILLT) - Holiday Inn London-Kensington, London, United Kingdom
    Duration: 6 Nov 20177 Nov 2017 (Link to Conference website)


    • Army Land Forces
    • crisis managment
    • learning organization
    • organization learning


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