Physico-chemical characteristics of European pulverized coal combustion fly ashes

Natalia Moreno (Lead / Corresponding author), Xavier Querol, J. M. Andrés, Kenneth T. Stanton, Mark Towler, Henk Nugteren, Maria Janssen-Jurkovicová, R. Jones

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Fly ashes sourced from European pulverised coal burning power plants (from Spain, The Netherlands, Italy and Greece) were characterised in terms of their chemical composition, mineralogy and physical properties. The amount and composition of the glass present in the ashes were also determined. The materials analysed have very different compositions and were selected with a view to determining their suitability for different applications and for further studies on applications. The results were compared to the literature to determine their similarities to UK coal fly ashes. Chemical analysis has enabled the categorisation of the ashes based on their oxide contents. Devitrification of the glass phase has been effected using suitable heat treatments and crystal phases formed are used as an indicator of glass reactivity. Based on leaching tests, certain ashes were identified as having limitations for some further uses due to the relatively high levels of leachable trace elements. A wide range of physical properties such as density were observed and these are related to factors such as mineralogical content and particle morphology.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1351-1363
Number of pages13
Issue number11
Early online date13 Dec 2004
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2005
Event2003 International Ash Utilization Symposium - Kentucky, United States
Duration: 20 Oct 200322 Oct 2003


  • Fly ash
  • Characterisation
  • Mineralogy
  • Trace elements
  • Grain size


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