Portraying the profile of unemployed individuals aiming to aid them re-enter the labor market: An insight in the Greek context and labor market

Elias Tsantilas, Evangelia Fragouli

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The current research aims to examine the phenomenon of unemployment in Western Athens, since several historical, economic and other negative post-war factors contributed to the degradation of the region and the emergence of high unemployment rates.Unemployment in the region has always been a social phenomenon that has led many people to misery. After the economic crisis, and especially over the last ten years, it has multiplied, causing tragic consequences for the daily lives of the inhabitants.

Therefore, it appears that due to the combination of the above factors (Degraded Area, Economic Crisis), unemployment in Western Athens is of particular interest for the purposes of the current study. With the aim to create policies and provide solutions in order to address the problem, it is essential firstly to analyze the profile of the unemployed. In order to achieve this, we will analyze their characteristics, such as the Municipality they belong to, their gender, age, duration of unemployment, educational level and family status. Through this analysis, we will next attempt to identify specific patterns and categorize them and interpret them. Overall the study aims to contribute to the solution of a major economic and social phenomenon and problem at the same time. Based on the study’s findings, individuals and employers will be informed as to the current situation. As such, findings will raise awareness, which is considered as a first essential step in order to minimize the phenomenon. In addition, policy makers will be able to rely on the obtained information regarding the unemployed individuals’ profiles, patterns and categories and, in turn, to create and implement a portfolio of appropriate policies and programs that will address unemployment and its negative consequences. It is our hope that the study will constitute one of the first studies that will pave the way to aid unemployed reenter the work arena, also providing important theoretical and managerial implications. Although the study regards a particular geographic region and a particular context and point in time, and as such its findings might not be easily generalizable, we still hope it can provide insight as to appropriate efforts towards addressing the aforementioned problem that appears as a threat world-widely and meets no geographic boundaries.
Original languageEnglish
Article number6
Pages (from-to)50-112
Number of pages63
JournalInternational Journal of Information, Business and Management
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2019


  • Unemployment
  • labour market
  • employment
  • reintegration
  • policy

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