Predicting breast cancer risk: implications of a "weak" family history

Elaine Anderson, Jonathan Berg, Roger Black, Nicola Bradshaw, Joyce Campbell, Roseanne Cetnarskyj, Sarah Drummond, Rosemarie Davidson, Jacqueline Dunlop, Alison Fordyce, Barbara Gibbons, David Goudie, Helen Gregory, Kirstie Hanning, Susan Holloway, Mark Longmuir, Lorna McLeish, Vicky Murday, Zosia Miedzybrodska, Donna NicholsonPauline Pearson, Mary Porteous, Marta Reis, Sheila Slater, Karen Smith, Elizabeth Smyth, Lesley Snadden, Michael Steel (Lead / Corresponding author), Diane Stirling, Cathy Watt, Catriona Whyte, Dorothy Young

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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