Preparing for breast feeding: treatment of inverted and non-protractile nipples in pregnancy

Jo Alexander, Ursula Bowler, Denise Eckert, Adrian Grant, Joan Greenwood, Ellen Hodnett, Karyn Kaufman, Rona McCandlish, Paula Mastrilli, Jane Moody, Mary Renfrew, Ann Truesdale, Hannah Abbett, Ruth Bolgar, Mary Downy, Anne Drummond, Sue Duckworth, Anne Groom, Sue Hanson, Karen HoggLinda Kemp, Frieda Laurie, Heather Lister, Jane McCaul, Rebecca Patman, Alyson Perrett, Jackie Pope, Diane Sutton, Carolyn Westcott, Alison Wood, Linda Wylie, Vanessa Clarke, Desilvia Condua-Harley, Victoria Dugbartey, Phillipa Hawkins, Maureen Lee, Elizabeth Lewis, Jane McIntyre-Hall, Angela Peake, Irene Stoker, Elizabeth Thompson, Anne Wilson, Dorothy Bice, AnneMarie Desjardins, Marilyn Ford, Roslyn Goode, Penny Forret, Tracy Kitch, Lesley Young, Linda Smith, Judy Shearer

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    Objective: to determine the effectiveness of recommending Hoffman's nipple stretching exercises or breast shells (or both) to pregnant women with inverted or non-protractile nipples who intend to breast feed.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)200-213
    Number of pages14
    Issue number4
    Publication statusPublished - Dec 1994


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