Preservice science teacher’s adaptation of modeling strategies in the field

Samia Khan

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    In this study, pre-service science teachers’ (PSTs) strategies were analyzed to explore how PSTS adapted teaching strategies once in the field. The PSTs were enrolled in a teacher education course on model-based teaching (MBT) and taught high-school students in 15 hours of field work and a 2-week long practicum. The data collected from six PSTs included, in total, 144 pp. of questionnaires on MBT, 137 pp. of lessons, 4 hours of videotaped teaching, 10 pp. of field debriefs, and 50 pp. personal pedagogical statements. Theories on teacher learning suggest that activities that merge theory with concrete applications help PSTs adapt what they learn from the university to the field (Darling-Hammond, 2010; Zeichner, 2010); however, not always in ways that are consistent with knowledge provided in their courses (Fairbanks et al., 2010). A nuanced view of this theoretical process is applied in this research that explores PSTs selectivity and reflexive adaption of MBT in the field. Following a case study methodology (VanWynsberghe & Khan, 2007), portrayals of MBT were sought with intensive data collection in a semester-long course and its associated practicum. This science teacher education course was designed to discuss the nature of science, investigate research on childrens’ conceptions, approximate MBT, and develop a personal pedagogy. Ranks were calculated regarding the course activities that had the greatest impact on their teaching. The qualitative data was analyzed to ascertain the MBT strategies PSTs selected and adapted once in the field. Evidence revealed that not only did particular course activities, such as research on children’s conceptions enrich MBT, but PSTs reshaped their pedagogical strategies once on-site to encourage high school students to engage in MBT. The study concludes with recommendations for science teacher education.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - May 2018
    EventTeacher Education Policy in Europe (TEPE) Conference 2018 - University of Minho, Braga, Portugal
    Duration: 1 May 201811 May 2018


    ConferenceTeacher Education Policy in Europe (TEPE) Conference 2018
    Abbreviated titleTEPE 2018
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