Psychometric analysis of the ambulatory care learning education environment measure (ACLEEM) in Iran

Zahra Naghizadeh Moogari, Jalil Koohpayehzadeh, Susanne Roff, Ali Montazeri, Seyyed Kamran Soltani Arabshahi, Shoaleh Bigdeli, Maryam Moosavi, Faranak Azaminejad, Mahmoud Tavousi

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Background: Examining educational environment (academic and clinical) by means of a valid, reliable and comprehensive questionnaire is a major key in achieving a highly qualified student - oriented curricula. The Persian translation of Ambulatory Care Learning Education Environment Measure-ACLEEM questionnaire has been developed to support this goal, and its psychometrics has been explored in this administration in teaching hospitals affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Methods: This descriptive - analytical study involved medical residents in four major clinics. In this study, the ACLEEM Questionnaire was conducted after translating and retranslating the questionnaire and examine the face and content validity, construct validity, test retest reliability and internal consistency coefficient. Results: In this study, 157 out of 192 residents completed the questionnaire (response rate 82%). The mean age of the residents was 31.81 years. The final mean of the questionnaire was calculated as 110.91 out of 200 (with 95% confidence interval). Test - retest stability of the questionnaire was between 0.322 and 0.968. The face validity of the questionnaire was confirmed. The content validity ratio was 0.64; and content validity Index was 0.78. In Exploratory factor analysis, eight factors were confirmatory that changed the orientation of some questions. The Cronbach's alpha coefficient of the whole questionnaire was 0.936. Conclusion: According to the data, the Persian version of the ACLEEM questionnaire has sufficient psychometric reliability and validity to be used for conducting research, teaching and practicing the educational learning environment in ambulatory care in Iran.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1189-1195
Number of pages7
JournalMedical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • Ambulatory care
  • Educational environment
  • Psychometric
  • Residents

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