Renal artery sympathetic denervation: observations from the UK experience

Andrew S P Sharp (Lead / Corresponding author), Justin E Davies, Melvin D Lobo, Clare L Bent, Patrick B Mark, Amy E Burchell, Simon D Thackray, Una Martin, William S McKane, Robert T Gerber, James R Wilkinson, Tarek F Antonios, Timothy W Doulton, Tiffany Patterson, Piers C Clifford, Alistair Lindsay, Graeme J Houston, Jonathan Freedman, Neelan Das, Anna M BelliMohamad Faris, Trevor J Cleveland, Angus K Nightingale, Awais Hameed, Kalaivani Mahadevan, Judith A Finegold, Adam N Mather, Terry Levy, Richard D'Souza, Peter Riley, Jonathan G Moss, Carlo Di Mario, Simon R Redwood, Andreas Baumbach, Mark J Caulfield, Indranil Dasgupta

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