Report on the Making Sense Framework and Assessment of Participatory Strategies: H2020 Making Sense Report

Michelle Scott, Melanie Woods, Drew Hemment, Saskia Coulson, Alexandre Polvora, Susana Nascimento

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This document is a combined effort of Dundee University and the Joint Research Center, based on the integration of D5.2 (Report and evaluation of the pilot approaches to ‘making sense campaigns’) and D4.3 (Report on assessment of participatory methods in the pilots and final recommendations). The Making Sense open communication strategies and integrated approaches between consortium partners allowed us to join our evaluation and assessment outputs into one single reporting document for present and future reference. This option offers a single entry point to those potentially interested in a final overview of Making Sense, either considering how its pilots were individually developed, or how the project as a whole managed to build a new collective approach for participatory sensing campaigns.

Section 1 articulates the Making Sense approach to pilots and covers our campaign rationale, stakeholders and summarises the Making Sense pilots.

Section 2 describes the design and iteration of the Making Sense Framework.

Section 3 shows how the Making Sense Framework has been exemplified through the pilots and describes and illustrates each phase of the Framework with an example from a pilot.

Section 4 focuses on ten key topics where we observed how citizen engagement and community building were addressed inside Making Sense and how the project participatory strategies developed from there on.

Section 5 puts forward a new augmented version of previously devised recommendations for participatory or community driven sensing projects, with lessons learned from and for Making Sense
Original languageEnglish
PublisherEuropean Commission
Commissioning bodyEuropean Union
Number of pages116
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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