School-based abuse prevention: effect on disclosures

Ian G. Barron, Keith J. Topping

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    This paper focuses specifically on the analysis of disclosures and forms part of a wider study which evaluated the effectiveness of the Violence is Preventable program. Participants included a survivor group, grade 6 group, and a grade 7/8 group with equivalent waiting-list comparison groups. Lessons were delivered either by voluntary organization workers or class teachers. Disclosures were systematically recorded by presenters. Video was used to analyze interactions around disclosures. Substantial numbers of disclosures occurred when lessons were delivered by survivor organisation presenters. Video analysis suggested this was partly due to adult-student interactions characterized by low levels of adult control. Studies on a larger scale are needed particularly comparing outcomes from different presenters with an analysis of what leads to disclosure in and beyond the classroom.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)651-659
    Number of pages9
    JournalJournal of Family Violence
    Issue number7
    Early online date4 Jul 2010
    Publication statusPublished - Oct 2010


    • Child abuse
    • Child protection
    • Disclosures
    • Education


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