Self-determination Constellations: Substate Regions and Citizenship in Europe

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The paper examines European sub-state regions as loci of competing self-determination claims and overlapping citizenship regimes. There are two basic premises the paper relies on; that self-determination is a claim rather than a right; and that extending citizenship to territorially concentrated groups constitutes a surrogate for self-determination. The latter premise is a novel way of looking at the link between citizenship and self-determination. The main question of the paper is twofold (a) what role does extra-territorial citizenship play in contested territories and in the context of competing self-determination claims; and (b) can there be a normative justification for conferring dual citizenship considering the stability of sub-state territorial arrangements. The analysis relies on cases from Western, Central and Eastern Europe. The paper is a contribution to the literatures on self-determination, citizenship and sovereignty. Building on the concept of citizenship constellation, the idea that citizenship regimes overlap over a certain territory, the paper argues we should consider adding a temporal dimension to our understanding of citizenship. Finally, this lead us to the new way of thinking that can be captured by the concept of self-determination constellations involving spatiotemporal relations between self-determination, citizenship and territory
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages20
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2017

Publication series

NameEuborders Working Paper Series


  • Substate regions
  • citizenship
  • self-determination
  • constellations
  • European integration
  • kin states


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