Sepsis in obese pregnant women (concise version)

Hannah Waite, Katrine Orr, Ailie Grzybek

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    The terms “overweight” and “obesity” are defined by the World Health Organisation as an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health. Obesity is further classified into three categories: Class 1 (BMI 30.0–34.9kg/m2), Class 2 (BMI 35–39.9kg/m2) and Class 3 or morbid obesity (BMI >40.0kg/m2). Animal, epidemiological and limited human studies have reported that obesity increases susceptibility to both bacterial and viral infections. There is increasing evidence of the increased risk of sepsis in association with obesity in pregnancy.

    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationHandbook of Obesity in Obstetrics and Gynecology
    EditorsTahir Mahmood, Chu Chin Lim
    Place of PublicationLondon
    Number of pages18
    ISBN (Electronic)9780323899048
    ISBN (Print)9780323899123
    Publication statusPublished - 20 Jan 2023


    • endometritis
    • immune
    • obesity
    • Overweight
    • pneumonia
    • Streptococcus

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