Shortcuts of the Hibernian Metropolis: Cinematic Strategies in Dubliners

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    This eclectic and probing collection of essays celebrates the centenary of the first publication of stories from James Joyce's Dubliners in 1904. Since its publication in book form in 1914, Dubliners has become one of the truly definitive short-story collections in world literature. A New and Complex Sensation presents twenty fresh and exciting perspectives that explore the multiple layers and enduring power of Joyce's short fiction. Recontextualizing Dubliners T.P. Dolan Is the Best English Spoken in Lower Drumcondra? Joseph Brady Dublin at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century Michael Holmes and Alan Roughley From Dubliners to Europeans? Political Change and Political Paralysis Susan Bazargan Epiphany as Scene of Performance Senator David Norris The Humours of Dublin - Comedy in the Stories of James Joyce Christine O'Neill Entitled to Translate Reconsiderations of Individual Stories Wanda Balzano 'Eveline', or the Veils of Cleaning Paul Devine Fact or Fiction: Material Evidence in Dubliners Fritz Senn Clouded Friendship: A Note on 'A Little Cloud' Patrick Bixby Perversion and the Press: Victorian Self-Fashioning in 'A Painful Case' Greg C. Winston Militarism and 'The Dead' Thematic Examinations James Pribek, SJ Dubliners' Priests Peter van de Kamp Whodunnit? Keith Williams Short Cuts of the Hibernian Metropolis: Cinematic Strategies in Dubliners R. Brandon Kershner Family Resemblances in Dubliners Neil Murphy James Joyce's Dubliners and Modernist Doubt: The Making of a Tradition Spurgeon Thompson Recovering Dubliners for Postcolonial Theory Ruth Frehner Textile Dubliners Eugene O'Brien 'You can never know women': Framing Female Identity in Dubliners Endpiece John McCourt The News From Home Oona Frawley is a graduate of the City University of New York and now teaches in University College Dublin.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationA New and Complex Sensation
    Subtitle of host publicationEssays on Joyce's Dubliners
    EditorsOona Frawley
    PublisherLilliput Press
    Number of pages14
    Publication statusPublished - 2004


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