Structuring organizations across industries in India

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Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to investigate structural patterns across industries in India. Organizational design is posited as a form of competitive advantage, which also helps Indian organizations build excellence. Design/methodology/approach - The study used a questionnaire to investigate the structural patterns of organization in 32 enterprises in India. The sample consisted of 1,532 participants across six industries. The data were analyzed using SPSS v.15.0. Findings - The findings suggest that the outward picture of structural patterns remains the same across industries but significant difference emerge in the inner core of the structural architecture of Indian organizations. For example, the inner core of the banking industry was found to be different from the other five industries studied. Practical implications - The findings suggest that the links between organizational structure and national culture should be harmonious. Simultaneously, the structure of the organizations should be aligned with both the task and general environment of the business. Originality/value - There is a scarcity of research into this domain of knowledge in India and the paper provides additional insights into the organizational structures of Indian enterprises across the major industrial sectors.

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JournalManagement Research News
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Publication statusPublished - 11 Sept 2009


  • Business environment
  • India
  • National cultures
  • Organizational structures

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