System-level policies on appropriate opioid use, a multi-stakeholder consensus

Patrice Forget (Lead / Corresponding author), Champika Patullo, Duncan Hill, Atul Ambekar, Alex Baldacchino, Juan Cata, Sean Chetty, Felicia J. Cox, Hans D. de Boer, Kieran Dinwoodie, Geert Dom, Christopher Eccleston, Brona Fullen, Liisa Jutila, Roger D. Knaggs, Patricia Lavand'homme, Nicholas Levy, Dileep N. Lobo, Esther Pogatzki-Zahn, Norbert ScherbaumBlair H. Smith, Joop van Griensven, Steve Gilbert

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Background: This consensus statement was developed because there are concerns about the appropriate use of opioids for acute pain management, with opposing views in the literature. Consensus statement on policies for system-level interventions may help inform organisations such as management structures, government agencies and funding bodies.

Methods: We conducted a multi-stakeholder survey using a modified Delphi methodology focusing on policies, at the system level, rather than at the prescriber or patient level. We aimed to provide consensus statements for current developments and priorities for future developments.

Results: Twenty-five experts from a variety of fields with experience in acute pain management were invited to join a review panel, of whom 23 completed a modified Delphi survey of policies designed to improve the safety and quality of opioids prescribing for acute pain in the secondary care setting. Strong agreement, defined as consistent among> 75% of panellists, was observed for ten statements.

Conclusions: Using a modified Delphi study, we found agreement among a multidisciplinary panel, including patient representation, on prioritisation of policies for system-level interventions, to improve governance, pain management, patient/consumers care, safety and engagement.

Original languageEnglish
Article number329
Number of pages8
JournalBMC Health Services Research
Publication statusPublished - 12 Mar 2022

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