The amino acid sequence of rabbit skeletal muscle glycogenin

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    The amino acid sequence of glycogenin from rabbit skeletal muscle has been determined. The N‐acetylated protein consists of 332 amino acids and has a molecular mass of 37278 Da. The novel tyrosyl‐glucose linkage between glycogenin and glycogen [Smythe, C., Caudwell, F. B., Ferguson, M. & Cohen, P. (1988) EMBO J. 7, 2681–2686] is shown to occur at a single site, tyrosine‐194. Although glycogenin is a UDP‐Glc utilising glucosyltransferase that self‐glucosylates [Pitcher, J., Smythe, C. & Cohen, P. (1988) Eur. J. Biochem. 176, 391–395], following addition by an unknown enzyme of the first glucose to tyrosine‐194, it is not homologous to either human glycogen synthase or other UDP‐Glc‐requiring enzymes.

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