The ‘bright’ side of innovation management for international new ventures

Manlio Del Giudice, Veronica Scuotto (Lead / Corresponding author), Armando Papa, Sanjay Kumar Singh

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All businesses are finding it difficult to figure out how to enhance the environment and society. Following the co-generation of social, ethical, and corporate aims, new sustainable inventions have evolved since the COVID-19 pandemic event, similar to new solutions into a workable, viable, and ethical business. The positive and negative aspects of inventions are a topic of discussion among innovation management academics. In particular, how innovation may be more sustainable even when job inequities caused by automation have sparked a feeling of the importance of upholding human rights. Despite that, the innovation management literature is still far from being pedantic in studying automation and human rights towards sustainable innovations in the context of international new ventures (INVs). The article challenges a pessimistic view of innovations by examining automation and human rights for 3000 INVs through the perspective of the micro-foundations. Multiple linear regression analysis is used to evaluate hypotheses, demonstrating how social entrepreneurship can play a constructive mediating role in upholding human rights and promoting automation. This demonstrates the necessity for additional research on a business's individual level to create social breakthroughs. The study encourages policymakers and the government to support sustainable innovations by utilizing technology to boost job quality, uphold human rights, and foster global entrepreneurship.

Original languageEnglish
Article number102789
Number of pages10
Early online date11 Jun 2023
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2023


  • Automation
  • Entrepreneurial action
  • Human rights
  • INVs
  • Job inequalities
  • Sustainable innovation

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  • General Engineering
  • Management of Technology and Innovation


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