The CHI3L1 rs4950928 polymorphism is associated with asthma-related hospital admissions in children and young adults

Jason Cunningham, K. Basu, Roger Tavendale, Colin N. A. Palmer, Helen Smith, Somnath Mukhopadhyay

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    Background: Asthma exacerbations are the commonest cause of medical admissions in childhood. These have a significant effect on quality of life and are a major financial burden on worldwide healthcare services. A range of gene environment interactions may influence the course and severity of asthma in children and their response to medication. The Chitinase 3-like 1 (CHI3L1)-131C>G genotype (rs4950928) is associated with increased asthma susceptibility and severity in adults.

    Objectives: To study the interactions of the Chitinase 3-Like-1 functional promoter SNP rs4950928 and its role on asthma exacerbations in a population of children and young adults with asthma.

    Methods: A cross-sectional survey was undertaken using medical records and direct interviews of 1,071 children and young adults with asthma, aged 3 to 22 years, from Scotland. Saliva samples were collected for genotyping. Binary logistic regression was used to calculate odds ratios (ORs) and P-values for measures of asthma exacerbations.

    Results: The minor -131G allele confers protection against asthma-related hospital admissions (OR = 0.62; 95% CI 0.41-0.92; P = .018) in children and young adults with asthma.

    Conclusions: Our study shows that rs4950928 is significantly associated with hospital admissions in children and young adults; screening for rs4950928 may predict asthma-related hospital admissions, and through individually defined treatment management plans, potentially reduce health care costs. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. 2011;106:381-386.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)381-386
    Number of pages6
    JournalAnnals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
    Issue number5
    Publication statusPublished - May 2011


    • YKL-40
    • CHI3L1
    • ATOPY
    • LUNG

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