The Encyclopedia of Proteome Dynamics: The KinoViewer

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    Summary: The Encyclopedia of Proteome Dynamics (EPD) ‘KinoViewer’ is an interactive data visualisation tool designed for analysis and exploration of both protein and transcript data, showing expression of kinase genes in either Human or Mouse cells and tissues. The KinoViewer provides a comprehensive, updated graphical display of all human/mouse kinases and an open access analysis tool for the community with a user-friendly graphical interface.

    Availability and Implementation: The KinoViewer is based on a manually drawn SVG, which is utilised with D3.js to create a dynamic visualisation. It can be accessed at: The KinoViewer is currently only accessible through the EPD, it is open access and can be used either to view internal datasets, or used to upload and visualise external user datasets.
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    Article numberbty823
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    Issue number8
    Early online date19 Sept 2018
    Publication statusPublished - 15 Apr 2019


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