The Hall Technique: a pilot trial of a novel use of preformed metal crowns for managing carious primary teeth

D. J. P. Evans, C. A. P. Southwick, J. I. Foley, N. P. Innes, S. H. Pavitt, N. Hall

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review



    A clinical trial of the Hall technique, a novel method of managing carious primary molars, involving cementation of preformed metal crowns on carious teeth without local anaesthesia, caries removal, or tooth preparation of any kind. The study aimed to determine the acceptability of the Hall technique to a range of dentists, patients, and their parents, as a pilot trial before setting up a randomised control clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of the technique.

    Methods - The study sample comprised children between 5 - 9 years-of-age who had a carious primary molar in need of restoration. Eight dentists (four general dental practitioners and four hospital dentists) were asked to recruit 10 children each, and to attempt to fit one preformed metal crown for each child using the Hall technique. Patient, parent, and dentist acceptability of the technique was determined through questionnaire.

    Results - Seven dentists recruited 49 patients over the study period and successfully fitted crowns to 45 patients. All 45 patients found the technique acceptable and would be happy to have the technique used on them again. 44 of the parents were happy with the technique, with the one exception being a parent who objected to the colour of the crown. No patient returned with discomfort. All six dentists who successfully fitted crowns found the technique acceptable and would use it again.

    Conclusions - This pilot trial found the Hall technique to be acceptable to a range of patients, parents, and dentists. A randomised control clinical trial is now underway to determine whether the technique is effective in managing carious primary molars. Until an evidence-base is available supporting its use, the technique cannot be recommended for use outside a clinical trial.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalTuith Online
    Publication statusPublished - Dec 2000


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